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Before you learn about Cyberfish fishing bot remember 3 other things you might need are going to be a World of Warcraft Horde 1-70 Leveling Guide, a World of Warcraft Lock Picking Bot or an World of Warcraft WOW Bobber Fishing Addon.

CyberFish is the ultimate fishing trainer for World of Warcraft. Easily skill your fishing to max in a matter of hours! Combined with your cooking skill, CyberFish makes making gold effortless! Here are just some of the features found in this great program:

Breaks: Random breaks makes CyberFish appear more human than most fishing macros on the market.

Whisper/Tell Detection: Enable CyberFish to pause whenever a whisper is detected or have it exit when too many tells have been received. You can even make CyberFish beep through your computer's CPU speaker when a tell is received, alerting you if you are nearby.

Lures: Need that little boost to your fishing skill? Why not use a lure! Simple lure configuration makes it effortless to apply various lures.

Combat Detection: Every once in a while some stray mob comes along and insists on ruining your fishing. CyberFish will promptly exit WoW when combat occurs, saving your equipment and life!

Bobber/Splash Detection Tuning: Not catching every fish? Not finding the bobber all the time? Adjust the detection until CyberFish is tuned just right.

Color Tuning: NEW! Still having problems catching the fish after it bites? CyberFish lets you step-modify various colors for tells, bobber and most importantly, the splash!

Profiles: Forget about setting up your macro each and every time you want to fish! CyberFish lets you save and load profiles to make switching characters and fishing holes easy!

Packaged into a nice GUI with status display, CyberFish is one of the easiest and most efficient fishing trainers for the World of Warcraft you will ever find! Try it out!

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