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The Draenei actually come from another word. This worse is called Argus and on that planet they where originally called the Eredar. Because the Eredar are very skilled and powerful in magic it attracted one of the most powerful beings ever. The Destroyer of Worlds, Sargeras found these beings and wanted in turn them to work for him so he found a way to trick them. He made a deal that any Draenei that joined him he would give them more magical powers than they have ever known. However in turn for this magical power they would have to command the Burning Legion.

This deal most all of the Draenei accepted and because it twisted them into an evil being the remanding un-tainted Draenei took refuge from a good race known as the Naaru. They changed their name from the Eredar to the Draenei at this moment to help keep them safe. Spending time with the Narru helped the Draenei learn more magical powers and after awhile they found a new world to call home known as Draenor. This planet however was also home to another race known as the Orcs. 3 Good things the draenei class can do is World of Warcraft Alchemy, World of Warcraft Blacksmithing, and World of Warcraft Cooking.

After many years one of the Burning Legions commands known as Kil’jaeden found this planet and the race known as the orcs. He uses his powers to corrupt the orcs and turned them into a fearsome new breed of monster. After turning the orcs into his new slaves he found the settlement of the Draenei and used the Orcs to attack them. This battle nearly wiped out the entire race of the Draenei.

Since the Draenei choose the side of good aka the alliance they have made some great allies. The WOW Dwarves, a fierce fighting race that lives in mountains for greater protection. The WOW Gnomes, a race of advanced technological people that use their mind over their bodies to help them win fights. The WOW Humans, considered the versatile race in the land of Azeroth that can be adept at most anything. These are just some of their allies to aid them in their quest to bring themselves back to their former glory.

The Draenei are another new race you can play in the Burning Crusade. If you select the Draenei you will start on Azuremyst Isle just northeast of Kalimdor. Kalimdor is actually the original place where the Draenei shipped landed after fleeing their home world. The Draenei have the following classes available upon picking them: Warriors, Paladins, Hunters, Priest, Shaman, and Mages.

Racial Traits

Blessing of the Naaru: Heals target of 50 damage over 15 sec (scales). Castable on others. 3 minute cool down.
Gemcutting: +15 to Jewel crafting profession.
Inspiring Presence: +1% to melee and spell attacks to party members with 30 yard radius (scales).
Shadow Resistance: +10

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- Go to Sen'Jen.
- Find the voodoo there
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- Find the ghost guy there
- You can get summoned by him since you can see ghosts now.
- You can skip the chained quests and get all the perks
- This is hore only which sucks

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