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Love picking plants? Love to frolic in nature? Then Herbalism is right for you. World of Warcraft Herbalism is the most prolific profession there is. Being able to pick these herbs, allows you to trade with alchemy who usually want these or enchanting.

Maybe herbs arent your thing in the land of azeroth. You can always learn the arts of working with the hides of animals and take up World of Warcraft Leatherworking. Or maybe youll be better suited just spending your days picking away at the rocks and become a pro in World of Warcraft Mining. Or maybe you can use your leatherworking skills with World of Warcraft Skinning to become the ultimate hunter.

Here is a list of WoW herbs and the skill needed to pick them;

Peacebloom - 1 
Silverleaf - 1
Earthroot - 15
Mageroyal - 50
Briarthorn - 70
Stranglekelp - 85
Swiftthistle - * (found uncommonly on Mageroyal and Briarthorn plants)
Bruiseweed - 100
Wild Steelbloom - 115
Grave Moss - 120
King's Blood - 125
Liferoot - 150
Fadeleaf - 160
Khadgar's Whiskers - 185
Wintersbite - 195
Firebloom - 205
Goldthorn - 215

The terrain also influences what type of herb you can find. So depending on what you are looking for, going to a certain terrain will yeild better chances of finding what you need.

Found in open meadows: Peacebloom, Mageroyal, King's Blood
Found under trees: Silverleaf, Briarthorn
Found on cliffs: Bruiseweed, Snakeroot, Wild Steelbloom
Found near buildings: Bruiseweed
Found on gravestones: Grave moss
Found in watery areas: Stranglekelp

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