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WOW Gold is what makes the world go round in World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft gold is by far the most valuable thing you can own. With it you can buy mounts, buy weapons, but power leveling, and pretty much anything else you want. However obtaining gold in WOW is not as easy as it seems.

WOW Gold starts out in a simple form as copper. After collecting enough of it you get silver. Then enough silver pieces will give you a gold piece. You can obtain gold in the game a variety of ways. Find various monsters in the game and killing them for a quest is one way to get gold. You can go and do large quests to have great gold rewards. Or what most players do is raids where you do a special quest with the intent to kill a large boss at the end of it. However while doing the full quest you kill dozens of monsters which in turn give you a large amount of gold in return.

The last way some players tend to get their gold currency is through wow guides, hints and tips and hacks. While some of these ways of obtaining gold are frowned upon they are also easily the quickest and most efficient way of gathering gold in a short period. However it does come with risks. If caught by another player you will be reported to a GM. He / She will then more than likely ban your account. World of Warcraft Guides are a great way to level in the game and gain gold while doing so. These could also be considered World of Warcraft Hints and Tips.

So even though you have a variety of ways to obtain gold in WOW some are riskier than others as the penalties might be to severe for you. much safer using just hints and tips or secrets for your account. An example of an easy way to gain gold is with World of Warcraft Hacks.

Here is an example of a nerfed WOW Quest Cheat From The Past

WOW Cheat: Unlimited Amount of Players in BG!!

- Join a BG
- Make sure auto join is not on
- Wait for your timer to get near running out
- The timer should be at 5 or below seconds
- Now right click on your battle ground timer
- Keep your move on top of the timer
- Wait at least 20 seconds
- Now other people should ahve joined the BG
- Now join the BG even tho your over the 2 minute time limit
- You can join the BG and get all the benifits of being apart of it the whole time.
- Enjoy easy BG leveling.

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