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Ahhhh, fishing. World of Warcraft fishing is much like that of fishing the real world. Its for those that enjoy peaceful climents with nothing better to do besides fishing. However, WoW fishing can reward you with items such as weapons, armor, funny items, or valuable gems. Fishing does require lots of patience though. After getting the skill, buy a pole, some bait and begin to fish! Depending on the zone you are, it will determine what type of fish can be caught. Here are examples of what can be caught. With fishing it will help your World of Warcraft Herbalism, World of Warcraft Leatherworking, and World of Warcraft Mining Skills.

Raw Fish - You can just simply click on this and eat them again
Cooked Fish - Basically the same thing as raw fish but you can more healing from it
Special Fish - Catch large fish and hold them in your offhand to brag to players about your giant catch
Clams - Catch one then open it up. You can get special meats, items, and pearls that are valuable to other players in making goods
Gems - Use gems to help you in your entire gaming experience
Weapons and Armor - It speaks for itself. Most of these items arent to strong but can be sold for gold
Humorous items - Get chickens and skulls to give yourself a laugh and sell them for more gold
Locked chests - Catch one and open it up to get some valuable items inside of them
Lost Trade Goods - Gain special items for engineering you help your skills

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