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The biggest thing for any player in WOW is a WOW Dupe. Since WOW Gold is what makes the world go round in World of Warcraft you can easily expect a World of Warcraft Dupe to be the single biggest thing in the WOW community.

There have been 3 major WOW dupes released to date. The first was a well known exploit where players used instances to dupe items and wow gold. This one actually was used for a good week before it was nerfed and since it was to long for a server reset. Also due to the time of the dupe blizzard couldn't do really anything to catch all the other people that exploited the system. This could also be considered by others to be World of Warcraft Exploits in the game.

The 2nd major dupe was one used while trading items. If you used lag correctly and did certain movements right you would make it so both you and a friend have the same item / amounts of gold. This exploit however was found out VERY quickly by blizzard and they where able to ban all users that actually took advantage of this dupe. Furthermore it helped them ban a bunch of gold farmers which increased the value of gold in the community. Using this method players have gained massive amounts of World of Warcraft Gold.

The 3rd major dupe is actually still around and used to this day. Like the second method it also uses lag to help players duplicate items. Using the lag dupe as it is called you can multiple any item. However the problem is it only has about 25% chance of working. So even though blizzard still hasn't stopped it you have a 3 out of 4 chance of losing all the items you are attempting to dupe. This has made using this dupe guide very cautious in all. Just follow World of Warcraft Guides like these on dupes to help your gaming experience.

All in all Dupes are still around and with the new Burning Crusade you can be assured there will be many more WOW dupes found out by players that want that extra edge in gaming.

Here is an example of a nerfed WOW Dupes Cheat From The Past

Dupe / Money exploit

- First wait until you are playing at a peak time in the game
- You need the game server to be pretty laggy for you
- You can create lag with a packet limiter program
- Until until maintanence is going to be done and the server is just about to close down
- Find an NPC in the game
- Sell him a bunch of items
- Wait for the server to come back up.
- You will now have all your gold from selling and all your items still

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