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When you first start up WOW you need to have the correct World of Warcraft Player creation. WOW Player Creation is the cornerstone of any great player. Here you design your character and ultimately shape them into the type of player they will become. Also when you create players on a WOW Private Server you have the options of actually selecting what level you want them to be.

You start off by selecting a character race. You pick from 2 different fractions the horde and the alliance. Pre burning crusade each class has its pros and cons, but after burning crusade is released both classes will now actually have the same style of characters but the wording pretty much will be different. The Race you select will also determine the type of starting WOW Quests that player will have when they first enter the game and also determine a majority of the quests they can do throughout the game. Remember if you are on World of Warcraft Private Server your wow player creation might be different.

With most games you have tanks, ranged combat, and healers. WOW is the same however they do allow players depending on what they become to take over some of each class. For example a priest in WOW can heal other players of course but a priest can also use offense spells against NPCS. There are now true WOW Programs however for created a better starting character in the game so if you see someone advertise that it is going to be a lie as it is server side information. There are also World of Warcraft Programs to help you in your WOW Player creation skills.

A great example of how character creation is important is the WOW Priest clan. A full clan of priests used player creation to create the perfect mix of fighter and healer. This allowed 40 priests to do a 40 man raid and actually easily complete because they could easily kill bosses but at the same time heal each other when need be. No matter how much you play WOW a good player creation will always be a key part to a great character. With the perfect World of Warcraft Player Creation you can complete almost all the World of Warcraft Quests in the game.

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