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When fighting an opponent the right WOW Spell can make all the difference. World of Warcraft spells every player has the ability to use but some are far more advanced than others. A Warrior might only have spells in the forms of magical items they find. A mage might have a large range of different spells to cast for different situations. There are even some World of Warcraft Guilds that specialize in magic casting only. WOW Spells can be put into 2 categories offense and defensive.

Offensive spells are usually ones that will attacks the enemy in different ways. A mage might be specialized in ice and have the ability to first freeze their opponent then case spells that hurt them with ice. Or a mage might be able to actually case a spell to make their opponent run in fear. There is a large amount of offensive spells to choose from in WOW.

Defensive spells are the ones that help you or your allies. The primary spell is healing which priest style players can cast on others. With healing a player can either restore life that was taken or have the ability to actually resurrect a fallen comrade. Defensive spells don’t not only specialize in healing players but they can be ways to help buff others. A spell to make all players do x amount of extra damage is a good example, or maybe buffing the abilities of a players World of Warcraft TradeSkills. Which can be helpfull if you use a World of Warcraft Alliance 1-70 Leveling Guide.

World of Warcraft Spells all players will use eventually while playing WOW. Using a good World of Warcraft Strategy Guide or World of Warcraft Walkthrough will help players obtain their goals of becoming the ultimate mage caster all the faster.

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