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The blood elves are one of the more magical races in wow. The blood elves where first known as the High elves but after time they become somewhat corrupted. The blood elves are actually kept with their powers by the Sunwell. During a battle with the undead horde a demon known as Arthas used his evil powers in Qual-Thalas. Qual-Thalas is also the resting place of the Sunwell which gave all blood elves their powers. Arthas believes that by corrupting the Sunwell he would be able to resurrect the lich Kel’thuzad. However the blood elves successfully fought off the undead they where powerless after the desecration of their Sunwell.

Because of the near destruction of their Sunwell and the “high elves” becoming so used to and dependent on magic they looked for a new source of magical powers. They found that using demonic energy could allow them to gain the magical powers they once lost. However this magical power came at a price. All High Elves where transformed in a new breed of elves called the blood elves.

Because of their new twisted look they where banished from communication with the other elves. The Blood elves where banished not because of their new twisted look but because they now use demonic energies to power their magical ways. The Blood Elves having no where else to turn ended up joining the Horde in order to gain enough information to find the demon that first destroyed their Sunwell.

The Blood Elves are not the only other great race to be released in the Burning Crusade Expansion. The New WOW Draenei are a new race that as well are coming to the World of Warcraft. One of the few races that have not interacted witht eh Blood Elves as the lore tells us is their relationship to the WOW Dwarves or the WOW Gnomes.

The Blood Elves are one of the new races in the Burning Crusade to come out. When you first pick them you will start on Sunstrider Isle near the original Sunwell of the Blood Elves in Qual-Thalas. When picking the blood elves you can choose from the following classes: Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Mage, and Warlock.

If you want to try out one of the other famous races from the Burning Crusade Expansion then you want to check out the World of Warcraft Draenei. Also the blood elf class is great at both World of Warcraft Alchemy and World of Warcraft Blacksmithing.

Racial Traits

Mana Tap : Drains mana from the enemy
Arcane Torrent : Stops spellcaster enemies casting spells and converts mana.

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