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The skill that every class should learn no matter what is first aid. By taking cloth items, you can use them to create bandages that can heal you for a set amount of health every minute. This skill is nice for those that cant heal themselves and others that can because its a free heal. Besides healing, wow first aid can also cure others or yourself of poisons. Bandages are channeled so if you are struck in combat, the effect will end and cant be healed for a minute with a bandage.

First aid is something all players use in the game. However some use them more than others. For example certain classes can self heal easily in the game giving them a perk on others as they dont need to carry items to heal themselves. However the players that still need to heal themselves can still use the first aid skill to easily find ways of healing themselves in the game and putting them on part with other classes that can do that more easily. Some ingredients used in World of Warcraft First aid is made from World of Warcraft Fishing and World of Warcraft Herbalism. However if you are just after armor instead of healing then look into World of Warcraft Leatherworking.

WOW Exploits: Hunter food exploit

- Select your pet
- Select to feed your pet.
- Use shift and click on your food.
- A great example is to do 10.
- The food will now be on your cursor
- Drag the food to your pet now
- It will seem as if you gave your pet 1 food.
- However it will give you more food and give you a happy pet.
- Its a great way to feed your pets in the game. 

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