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Any player in WOW will need a World of Warcraft Radar at one point. A WOW Radar will enable a player to view their surroundings in the land of Azeroth. Most players use WOW radar to help them find certain points of interest on their map throughout their travels. However some players use the radar system maliciously to help them do things otherwise impossible in the game.

A good example of a radar program that players used to use was BWH radar. The BWH program is 100% nerfed so please do not attempt to use it as you will be instantly banned by warden (the blizzard anti cheat program) in a matter of days. It does not matter which World of Warcraft Server you play on either as warden scans all of them. Before warden came out though the BWH program had 2 great features for a WOW Radar.

The first ability was allowing players to see all monsters on the screen. This in its own right is rather helpful but BWH scanned much farther than your radar was suppose to and in turn showed you all the monsters in a large radius. This was very helpful for players looking for special monsters for items to complete quests, or players just wanting to hunt special monsters for loot.

The second ability was the ability to view all opponents. Seeing where your opponent is helps sway the outcome of the fight in your favor, but it didn’t just allow players to see their opponents. BWH allowed players to actually see players cloaked or not on the radar. When fighting someone in a battleground and even if they used a cloak World of Warcraft spell a player could still see them giving an unfair advantage.

The wow radar in its on respect should be something players find very advantages to their travels. There is no World of Warcraft Secrets for having the radar system work differently other than using a program. Even more so when players abuse that program they can become nearly unstoppable.

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