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A WOW Server determines what type of players you will interact with in the land of Azeroth. There is more World of Warcraft Servers than any other game world wide. WOW Servers are actually just giant computers where one to five thousands players meets up. Although WOW Servers are the same scope they differ in 3 main ways.

The first Way WOW Servers are different is they differ based on nationality. WOW servers in china have mainly only Chinese speaking players, while for example a server set up in America will have American prominently speaking players. The version of the world might be somewhat different based on location because American Servers tend to get patches released much faster than for example European servers do. So for example maybe a new World of Warcraft Spell is released in patch 1.12 in America but sine Euro servers are only at 1.11 they do not have it yet.

The second ways in which they differ are role playing servers versus non role playing servers. A non role playing server means people can talk about their real life and act any way they choose without violating the EULA. A role playing server requires players to actually act as if they are in the game. So if you are a knight you should take on the attitude of a knight helping others and how you speak needs to be noble. Some players hate this style of gaming while others love it. This style just depends on the type of player you want to be. Keep in mind to that WOW Guilds on these servers are far stricter than any other server for following the attitude of the game.

The final ways they differ are PK servers and Non PK servers. A PK servers mean you can pretty much kill anyone anywhere in the game. No place is safe, if you are roaming around in the countryside you have to always be wary that an opposite faction player might kill you. Do not rule out PK in on Non PK Servers. NPK servers still have neutral zones where anyone can be killed and special battlegrounds where players compete for points.

Although the land of Azeroth doesn’t change depending on what server you play on. The environment of players you choose will greatly vary, so choose you server wisely. But a World of Warcraft Strategy Guide or sometimes know as a World of Warcraft Walkthrough on the game will not vary one bit depending on what server you play on.

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