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Skinning is one of the easiest skills to raise. Skinning allows you to gather leather and hides from animals and can be used in leather working, blacksmithing, engineering and tailoring recipes. After learning the skill, kill a mob. The only way to skin the animal is first to check if it can be. After highlighting the mob. it will display skin able with the color to indicate its difficulty. You can only skin the mob after it has been looted. A skinning knife is also needed in one of your bags. You can also skin any animals that have been killed by other players and is lying around as long as they have looted the corpse. Leatherworking is usually most common profession that supports world of Warcraft skinning.

Players also use thiere WOW Skinning abilities with World of Warcraft Tailoring to create amazing items in the game. If you are tired of increasing your Skinning abilities manually be sure to check out using a World of Warcraft Bot, or World of Warcraft Cheats to help you increase your skills even faster.

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