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Tailoring allows one to shape and weave various cloths into armors, bags shirts and other cloth items. Tailors are loved for their ability to create bags to carry more items. Tailors can make items for mages, warlocks and priests. Bags can be acquired from other mobs for a chance but tailors have the ability to create bags on the spot for a low fee. Besides items that one uses for stats, WOW tailoring allows special items to be worn such as dresses or formal attire. Anyone is able to learn tailoring by itself and only requires cloth to be used. Cloth types are linen, wool, silk, mageweave and runecloth. Cloth can be found on humanoid mobs.

If tailoring becomes dule for you there are always tricks you can do to speed up your tailoring int eh game. For example you could go and use World of Warcraft Bots to help you autmate the process and make you instantly max level in tailoring. Or you could find special World of Warcraft Cheats in the game that would instantly make you max your skills in Tailoring. Finally sometimes in the game World of Warcraft Dupes are released that relate to skills such as WOW Tailoring that could be used to max your skills.

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