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When the beta of World of Warcraft started one of the largest things released where WOW Private Servers. World of Warcraft private servers, otherwise known as emulated servers, where very popular in the starting days of WOW. However when WOW neared its final release the most popular company by the name of sandbox was sued by Blizzard. Their suit was taken to the higher court and they ruled emulated servers where illegal because in order to create one you must first reverse engineer the game.

After this ruling came out World of Warcraft private servers in the US could not be found, but this did not fully stop players from creating them. A large amount of players now create private servers in Taiwan and in Germany. Even though they can be sued most players believe since it is outside of the country they are exempt from US laws, which is grossly wrong. WOW Private Servers some may consider to be World of Warcraft Programs.

One of the most famous private servers out now is the burning crusade emulator. With this emulator you can travel anywhere in the upcoming expansion. However you can not fight monsters, play with other characters, or actually do any quests in the game. This emulator as it stands is merely a ways for players to view the upcoming races and how they look, and as well travel the land inside of the portal. Also players can view some of the newly released areas in the land of Azeroth opened up after the burning crusade expansion is released. On World of Warcraft Private Servers sometimes the World of Warcraft Quests may be different.

On private servers players also have the ability to auto complete all WOW Quests they want instantly. You just select the quest and it takes you to the very end of it where you take the rewards / kill the main boss and complete it right away. With the WOW Programs in private servers most say it can take away from the game, while others say its far more fun being unstoppable. Also you have the ability to have all items shown instantly on your World of Warcraft Radar without anyone having the ability to hide from you. Some WOW Private Servers already have a World of Warcraft Radar Program built into it.

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