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The land of Azeroth is very dangerous and a player needs to know how to get around. The easiest way to get around is with a map. A World of Warcraft Map is actually very complicated in how its implemented. The WOW World Map for example contains multiple places of interest on it. As well the map allows players to leave bookmarks.

A good example of how the World of Warcraft map is helpful is doing a quest. A player first finds a NPC that gives him a quest. Then once the quest is added his map sometimes is updated with a location. With this location a player can easily track their map to go where they want. After they complete the quest designated on the map, the map will change its location of where the player needs to do. The player then actually can just easily travel to that location and complete their quest. WOW maps are just as usefull on World of Warcraft Private Servers, where the World of Warcraft Player Creation is just as usefull.

Another useful tool released for WOW Maps are World of Warcraft Programs. WOW Map programs are an easily bannable offense so players that use them need to be very cautious. About 95% of all map programs out on the market will have you banned almost instantly by warden. There are a few map programs out there that actually allow players to see enemies on their radar farther than they should and all players on their map cloaked or not.

Key things to know are WOW Maps may help you when you go thru the wow player creation to help know where you are in the land of Azeroth. Also you can use Map Programs legally on wow private servers as they will not ban you. That is because private servers do not carry warden inside of them which will actually scour for players abusing the game to ban them.

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