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World of Warcraft Quests are the fundamental part of the game. WOW Quests are actually what every player must do to advance in WOW. A WOW Quest can come in different aspects. Some quests might require going from point A to point B. Other quests might require killing a certain enemy or some might even require you to gather a certain type of item that you find on your World of Warcraft Radar.

A large part of the WOW Experience is group quests. These WOW Quests otherwise known as raids require players to team up in groups of 20 or 40 to defeat a certain main boss. Along the way to the final boss of the instance players have to complete smaller quests by killing the sub bosses of the level before reaching the final boss of the area. Once players kill the final boss they receive a quest reward for their work in killing the main boss of the area.

Another popular type of quest is battlegrounds. Battlegrounds pit alliance player s against horde players similar in level. In battlegrounds players have to not only kill the opposing players but kill off the opponents team leader. This leader is a NPC character that is protected by multiple other NPC characters. In a battlegrounds players can kill other opponents to help, gather items to help buff their troops, capture check points, or go head on to kill the opponents main NPC.

No matter what type of player you are or what World of Warcraft Servers you play on, you are sure to do some World of Warcraft Quests along your journey to help your character and enjoy the experience of WOW. Quest can even help unveil some of the World of Warcraft Secrets still unfound by the players of WOW

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