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WOW Walkthrough World of Warcraft Walkthrough
WOW Walkthrough World of Warcraft Walkthrough

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World of Warcraft is a giant MMORPG set in the world of Azeroth. World of Warcraft is about a fantasy world of heroes and monsters where you choose your own destiny in giant world wide landscape. You interact with millions of players from all over the world to either protect or help rule over Azeroth.

The World of Warcraft lore is based strongly on the previous WOW Games. You will see familiar faces, units, places, and monsters that date all the way back to the first World of Warcraft game. Some familiar areas could be the human city of Stromwind, or Arathi Highlands where the orcs live in. Units from the World of Warcraft will actually share a similarity to that of previous games. So for example if you traveled to Stormwind you would see the guards in that city look much akin to those of WC3.

That character classes in WOW give you more choices than ever. There are 2 main sides to become the Horde of the Alliance or other wise known as Evil or Good. You will only be able to talk to the side you choose. So if you become a Horde then you May only speak to other Horde Characters, and vice versa for the Alliance. On the Alliance side you have the option from the Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, and night Elves. If you choose the side of the Horde you have the Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, and the Undead. Since the newest Burning Crusade patch both classes are equal in all skills they can be.

At the games begging you will see a cut scene for whichever race you choose. Then depends on your fraction and character class you will start in that classes hometown. From there you will have a small quest to do killing creatures that you might remember from previous WOW games. When traveling throughout the game you will see creatures you may remembers such as Orgres, Gnolls, or maybe centuars. All of which are hostile to you.

The main focus of World of Warcraft are the quests. With quests you can level your character very quickly. The game in intended that you can easily quest your full game playing experience to the max level to where then you can do dungeons raids that require you and many more players to take down dungeons. This does not mean you cant just go out and hunt monsters to easily level, but WOW is intended for players to interact with others while questing to reach their goal.

The interact if very easy. Quests have their own system to easily allow you to follow which quests you have active as you can carry multiple quests on you at a time. When you see a NPC you can scroll over them quickly and hit the mouse button to talk to them to see what they can offer you. Fighting is an easy right click the monsters to attack commands. Now later on you will have more options for fighting which will require you to use hot keys or move your mouse much more to attack.

Socially WOW is made for. It allows you to at one time talk with thousands of other players. The chat feature is very well planned out making it something that any player can do with another one. This chat feature is vital when you quest later on in the game and require 40 players at least to do major quests in the games dungeons.

The dungeons in World of Warcraft are called instances. These instances are made so if you start a quest only you can enter your instance and no have it ruined by other players. Furthermore this stops players from farming instances to gain all the best items in the game. When you reach a certain level some instances might become unavailable to you while others become available. This makes it so players can not repeat some tasks easily to gain in level.

The last thing in WOW is Pking. This you can do throughout you game play. You attend certain areas called Battlegrounds where you compete in a group of characters your class range against players of the same class range of the opposite fraction. Doing these give you points which can be used to gain special gear, skills, and items. Further more the game has neutral areas where you may be attack by players of the opposite fraction as you.

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