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Mining is the dirtiest of jobs but still the most cash rewarding. Traveling throughout the world you will find nodes just waiting to be mined. With World of Warcraft mining, you can! Either selling the minerals on the auction house or using them for blacksmithing or engineering, mining has a wide range of uses. The types of mineral veins are; copper, tin, silver, iron, gold, mithril and other rare types. The higher the zone, the rarer the vein that can spawn. When WOW mining, take note of the color the name when you mouse over.

If you like the tradeskill of mining you may want to look into World of Warcraft Skinning, or World of Warcraft Tailoring in the game. Players have also been know you use World of Warcraft Bots to help make programs to inrease thier World of Warcraft in game mining experiences.

- Gray - You mining skill cant not inrease
- Green - You wont have as great of chances to increase your skill. You can still increase it but its going to take alot of time
- Yellow - You will get a little bit better than green but nothing amazing. You may want to stick with these if there is alot of it to mine
- Orange - You have the best chance of increase your skill. This is the best place to be for increasing your mining skill in the game
- Red - You are not going to be able to mine this. You need to spend more time on orange before you can mine this area. Once you can mine it this area should change to an orange.

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