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Leatherworking allows you take the various leathers and pelts you have and turn them into leather armor and also use them to create or effects for the other professions. Leatherworkers are able to equip druids, hunters, shamans, and rogues. Also from making armor, WOW leatherworkers can make armor kits to enhance the armor level on items. Armor kits can be only applied to boots, chest pieces, gloves and pants. Being a skinner is the best choice for a leatherworker. At higher levels of world of Warcraft leatherworking, you can specialize in Dragonscale, Elemental or Tribal. These leather workers can produce very powerful and valuable items.

If you arent into leatherworking why not take up World of Warcraft Mining to help your gaming experience. Or you can always use your leatherworking skills in conjunction with World of Warcraft Skinning to help you make the ultimate types of hides int he game. Then apply your World of Warcraft Tailoring and you can sell your wares to other players for large sums of in game gold.

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