WOW Fishing Bobber Color Changing Botting Program

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WOW Fishing Bobber Color Changing Botting Program

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What does it do?
Dumps to a log file when you catch a fish. With this, you can scan the log file and only press reel it in, when you see the caught message in the log!!! This can also be used to help you know what fish come from what areas and how often you catch them.

Colors the bobber 255,0,255 (pink). This is so that most of the fishers look for the bobber color. But it is very hard and difficult to find. Using hot pink, setting up the fishing scripts are a breeze! Using that will allow you to access this handy application with other macros and bots. When using them in conjunction it will make you reel the bobber 100% every time without any errors due to the bobber color having a hard time reading.

Here is a direct link to the program.

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