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If you are thinking bots or macros scroll up to see what we have in that area of the game. We here at Tault have all kinds of programs and more for your gaming enjoyment.

Extra Spells: Allow yourself to cast extra spells in your spell bar. World of Warcraft Programs players have been using for years. Ever since the gam ewas first created players have been using WOW Programs. When using an extra sepll program for example players can now complete a World of Warcraft Quest in the game easily and not be forced to waste time fighting NPCs for large amounst of time.

Special Programs: A program is something that is used in conjunction with the game to make is far better. We have a always increasing collection of programs. A great example of a WOW program would be using a World of Warcraft Radar program to help you see hidden players in the game. Now you can easily see them cloaked or not and gain that advantage on them for the kill. Remember though World of Warcraft Screts are nothing like wow programs.

Here is an example of a nerfed WOW Programs Cheat From The Past

WOW Program: Climb Walls

- Download Cheatengine
- Install the program now
- Open up your World of Warcraft Game
- Login to your WOW Account
- Make sure wow is running in windowed mode
- Alt tab
- Select cheat engine and open it up
- Select the wow.exe in cheat engine
- Select add address manually
- Insert the current Wall Climb Hack address for example it is 80DFFC a few patches ago
- Select okay and inset that address
- Double click that address and set the value to 1
- Go back into wow
- You can now climb any wall in the game easily
- Just find a wall you want and start running up it and you can now become unstopable
- You can also easily own in the BG's because people cant stop you when your at the top of the mountains
- Be carefull to not be reported for using it as it means almost 100% banning if caught.

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