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Mix the red potion and the blue potion.....or was it the red potion and yellow potion? Lucky, World Of Warcraft Alchemy its not that difficult. Learning alchemy allows you to make potions that can heal your health or mana, gain invisibility, elemental resistance, oils to coat weapons and more. Alchemy is useful to all classes. From buffing melee damage or buffing spell damage, alchemy is a fun profession where you can create potions for yourself or sell to others. Pair this with herbalism, and you can start your mini business. As you advance through levels with WOW Alchemy, visit your trainer for more recipes or the auction house for rare types. Alchemists can also transmute metals. 

Another Great thing you might as well want to use is gain the ability in World of Warcraft Blacksmithing. Or maybe you like to create new food and items well then its time to go for World of Warcraft Cooking. Of last of all you might be after creating new magical things then its time for you to get World of Warcraft Enchanting.

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