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When World of Warcraft first came out there was a program called cosmos. This program was deemed one of the first World of Warcraft Hacks. This WOW Hack enabled players to do a variety of things from inside the game. A few of these WOW Hacks enabled by this program where so damaging on the game economy that warden was created just to stop the programs that spawned from cosmos.

One of the most famous wow hacks was BWH. BWH was basically a teleportation program. When used correctly BWH would allow a player to instantly travel anywhere in the game, and if set up correctly with a WOW Macro you could make hundreds of gold a day. With BWH you could actually teleport to areas where Mobs could hit you and easily train up your skills on them. BWH was proven to be the first server teleportation Hack until warden was modified to find it as well. Now if a player uses BWH they have about a 95% chance of being banned in their first month using the program. BWH has become null and void.

The second major World of Warcraft Hack released was syndrome. Syndrome was much alike BWH but it also had special technology that made it near impossible for Warden to find it. Syndrome was much like BWH a teleportation program as well. However warden did not find syndrome until a player named chad had a friend reverse code syndrome and publicly release the code. With the code released blizzard used warden to find for syndrome and due to that players actions syndrome was also canceled.

Some people use thier wow hacks in conjunction with World of Warcraft Macros to allow them not only to exploit something in the game but do it over and over again gaining those perks constantly. Or for example players might use a world of warcraft hack to exploit the World of Warcraft Map to show you hidden players. Using hacks in wow are easy all you need to do is use your World of Warcraft player creation to make your toon then start enjoying the perks.

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